Friday, August 7, 2009

Contest #5

Cindy Beck of Utah does it again! Cindy is the winner of Contest #4, a mini (and I do mean "mini!") Siri and Triston made out of pewter, and a (small!) bag of Coldstone Creamery Jelly Bellys! Congratulations Cindy!!! For all the rest of you, remember that there's no limit on the number of contests you can enter, even if you've already won one! :-)

The answer to contest question #4 was: “…the rivalry of the king’s sons…and a neighbor out for vengeance…”

Now on to Prize #5. In Illuminations of the Heart, Siri owns a treasured hand mirror carved from ivory, a gift from her first husband. I just happen to have here a very pretty hand mirror to give away. Sadly, it's not actually carved from ivory, though one can pretend that it is. And although it's not an exact replica of Siri's mirror, Siri would have been very happy to have a mirror as pretty as this. (Especially if it was really made of ivory and gold, but alas, her poor author could only afford this pretty, but less expensive, version.)

How can you win this lovely replica? Visit my website, click on "Excerpts", and read the excerpt from Illuminations of the Heart. Then send me the answer to the question: "In this scene, who kissed who first?"

Send me the answer with your NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS to by 2:55 PM PST. Please type: Contest #5 in the subject line. I'll draw a winner and announce the name when I announce our 3 PM contest and prize!

(Here's a picture of the front and back of the mirror. In case you haven't notice by now, I'm not the best photographer. I couldn't avoid getting the dark glare off the mirror portion, but I promise you it's a real, reflective mirror! By the way, you guys have no idea how tempted I am to keep some of this stuff for myself!!!)


Cindy Beck, author said...

WAHOO! I won again? That is soooo cool. And I'm having such fun, so I wrote a note to several groups to tell them to come join us.

Hmm, maybe that wasn't so smart, 'cuz now they might win all the prizes. :o)

Oh well ... more people, more fun!

Thanks, Joyce.

PS: You're busy with the book launch, so don't worry about responding to this comment.

Anonymous said...

What no candy with the mirror?!
Maybe the cards will come up again!

Joyce DiPastena said...

Sorry, no candy with the mirror. :-( Hope you see something you like somewhere along the way. I appreciate you checking in to see what's up for grabs. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Joyce, why don't you ever stop by and see me on your way in or out of Mesa?! I'm just off the Ellsworth exit, just south of Guadalupe, it is really very easy to find!

Joyce DiPastena said...

Seems like I'm always in such a rush to just get my shopping done and come home. I really should stop by and say "hi!", though, when you live that close!