Thursday, May 15, 2008

May 15, 2008

Today is May 15th. Can you believe the month is already half-over? I think it all began when Easter fell in March this year. It’s like we lost an entire holiday month! Summer is right around the corner, which means triple-digit temperatures where I live. So far, May has been a fairly mild month, but that appears in danger of ending any moment now. For those of you living in more extended “spring” areas, I will soon be envying you!


My “Loyalty’s Web: New Adventure” drawing, to celebrate my new contract with Leatherwood Press, is also still open for entries. If you haven’t already entered, don’t delay! All you have to do is send me an email to, with “Loyalty’s Web: New Adventure” in the subject line, and “I can’t wait to see the new cover!” in the body of the email. (With your name and mailing address, so the prize can find you if you win it!)

And speaking of prizes, click here to take a look at what could be waiting for you: Mrs. Cavanaugh's World Famous Chocolate.

If you win, I’ll even give you your choice: dark, milk or mixed.

Deadline for this drawing: May 30th.


For you medieval researchers and/or medieval writers out there, I have updated my medieval research with joyce blog with a post entitled: More on Castles. My post focuses on the book, The Castle Story by Sheila Sancha, a research book recommended to me by British medieval fiction author, Elizabeth Chadwick. (Elizabeth left a comment on my post, so check that out to while you're there.)


I still have a few “old cover” copies of Loyalty’s Web available for 30% off the cover price. They are available for $13.25 (a $5.70 savings) plus $2.00 shipping. Email me at to reserve a copy, since this offer is only good for as long as my supplies last, and I will email you back with details on payment options. International orders wilhave to pay the full cost of shipping, minus $2.00/USD.