Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Caption Me(dieval)

I recently played a game with my newsletter subscribers. It was so much fun I decided to share it with you so you can play too!

This is the old-fashioned "caption me" game, but with a medieval twist using medieval paintings, like this one:

Here are just a few of the captions my subscribers came up with.

Remember dot the i's & cross the t's!!!

Dude, you totally misspelled that word.

On a wing and a prayer

Let me help you . . .

Come on Dad please hurry and finish that chapter – I really need to go out!

Are you writing about me this time? You promised!

Paws and check the spelling

What else do we need at the market?

And even today, cats will help write the stories!

Are you looking for a feline proofreader?

Excuse me sir, but I do believe it’s l-i-o-n and not d-o-g

Tell me again about the day you found me!

“Don’t forget to include the plagues and fire-breathing the world ends”

And you are declaring all animals are safe. I don’t see you writing it down.

Your hot breath is making the ink smear!

I think you forgot something . . . Right here.

Are you done yet? Can we play now?

Saints and Gargoyles: History rewritten

The writer and the muse

"So are you making me a character in your book? Am I a good guy or a bad guy, huh?  What are you saying about me? When can I read it?"

"Oh get down Rex, you've made me blot the page."

"It says it's time to feed me, right? Right???" misspelled gryphon!

“I toldest thou we wouldst play with thy toy after mine work hath been finished. Go and chaseth those ginormous winged mice that doth plague our kitchen, Kitty Kitty.”

I can't wait till they invent email.

Wanna play? Leave your caption in a comment!