Friday, August 7, 2009

Contest #2

The winner of Contest #1: a quill pen, some calligraphy ink, and a chapbook on “How to Cut a Quill”, is Amy Orton of Utah! Congratulations Amy!!!

The answer to the contest question: lapis lazuli came from Afghanistan

Now for Contest #2. (Is it 11 AM PST? Then it's time!) I have here two beautiful blank greeting cards decorated with medieval illuminations! The first card reads (on the front): "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” The second card reads (on the front): "Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.” Write a note of personal inspiration inside and send to a friend, or (as I sometimes like to do with cards) frame them and hang them someplace in your office or home to inspire yourself! In addition to these two beautiful cards, I have a packet of stationary decorated with all kinds of little scrolly “illuminated” flowers. AND because, when you read Illuminations of the Heart, you’ll learn that my heroine Siri had quite a sweet tooth, I’m including a box of M&M Premium Mint Chocolate candies. (Trust me, Siri would have loved these if they’d been invented in the Middle Ages!) One warning: This prize is coming from Arizona in the middle of summer, so this will be a test of whether M&M's truly do “melt in your mouth” and not in the box being mailed from Arizona! (In other words, you’re taking your chances with the chocolate part of this prize.)

How can you win this prize? Go to my medieval research with joyce blog, read my blog post on More About Illuminated Manuscripts, and tell me the name of the artist my heroine's father went to study illumination with in the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Then send me the answer with your NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS to by 11:55 AM PST. Please type: Contest #2 in the subject line. I'll draw a winner and announce the name when I announce our 12:00 PM contest and prize!


Anonymous said...

hi joyce, glad you're going on with your skills and talents!

Joyce DiPastena said...

Thanks, Cathy!