Saturday, March 17, 2012

Summary Sunday

Here are some sentences from Emilie's story this week.

Monday: Emilie’s tongue curled a retreat whenever anyone offered her eel. 

Tuesday: With a sigh, she turned and eased herself back into the crowd, stepping ever so carefully now so as not to splash the wine or allow one of the pasties to tilt off its precarious perch atop her fritter and slide right off the plate.

Wednesday: She had begun a tentative attempt at this strategy when she sensed a looming solidity in front of her and collided straight into it.

Thursday: "I see." 

Friday: "I cannot fathom why anyone should wish to stick something so wiggly into their mouth!”

Saturday: I got home too late from the Arizona Renaissance Festival to get any writing in today. Stay tuned for RenFest pictures, coming up! (As soon as Blogger lets me load them!)

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