Friday, February 26, 2010

What Am I Reading for My 2010 New/Old Reading Challenge?

My choice for my next "Old Favorite" read is The Ogre Downstairs, by Diana Wynne Jones. I can't remember how long ago I read this's been that long!...but it's sitting on my keeper shelf, so I figure it's time to read it again and find out why!

Back cover blurb:

Chemical Warfare?

Casper, Johnny, and Gwinny are sure they'll never be happy again when their mother marries Jack, who is as mean as an ogre. To make matters worse, two obnoxious stepbrothers, Malcolm and Douglas, move in as well. No one -- except the parents -- seems happy. But when Jack gives a chemistry set to each group of kids, bigger problems take over. These are, it turns out, not your average chemicals. In one hilarious experiment after another, the kids discover they can fly, switch bodies with one another, and even disappear. If only they could figure out how to undo all of this! Are one combustible stepfamily and two explosive chemistry sets a formula for disaster?

Stop by next Tuesday, and I'll share a Tuesday Teaser with you!

If you'd like to join my 2010 New/Old Reading Challenge, its not too late! Click here and here for more information. And remember, there are prizes involved if you join us! :-)

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