Friday, December 27, 2013

Sweet memory #8 from The Lady and the Minstrel

My hero, Rob, is locked in the dungeon and I’m not going to have time to write him out before Christmas. I'm granting him 10 sweet memories from earlier chapters of The Lady and the Minstrel while he waits for me to get back to his story.

Here's memory #8. It's another one with Gunthar, because (1) many of Robert’s happy memories with Marguerite are in Marguerite’s POV, (2) good novels are full of conflict and tension, so it’s easier to come up with conflict scenes than it is with “happy” scenes (until we get to “The End”, of course!), and (3) this is a romantic historical, not a romance, which means these scenes with Gunthar are as integral to the plot as the ones between Rob and Marguerite. This is a snippet from a scene where the relationship between Rob and Gunthar has become more comfortable and bantering. From Chapter 30:

“I was not going to snap at you,” Gunthar murmured. “My ears are still ringing too loudly with John’s oaths to leave me with the enthusiasm to summon one myself.”

“I did not think it, sir,” Robert said, resuming his seat on the other side of the desk. “You have not snapped for a fortnight.” Until yesterday.

“And you have exercised an unnatural restraint by not retorting the way you used to.” Until yesterday, lay the unspoken echo between them. “Aye, I say unnatural. If you were not born with a hot rejoinder on your tongue, then I have lost my last wit to judge a man.”

Robert laughed. “My father had a hot temper, though he never turned it on his family. My mother always said I was too much like him.”

“We all of us are, alas. Too much like our parents until someone comes along to steady us a bit. I hope your lass will do that for you, as mine did for me.”

Robert picked up the pen again and resumed his transcription. ’Twas not the first time Gunthar had tried to lure him into talking of Marguerite. As always, Robert dodged. “Tell me the rest, sir. I can finish this while I listen.”

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