Sunday, December 8, 2013

Summary Sunday

The Thanksgiving holidays are over and I'm back to work on The Lady and the Minstrel. Monday through Thursday, Rob and Marguerite (my hero and heroine) enjoyed one last lull before the final storm of the story. The roughest seas they have encountered yet are now ahead. There will be a light on the opposite shore, but as in any good story, they will have to fight to reach it. :-)

Monday: Marguerite had never seen anything more beautiful than Robert’s eyes, clear and bright once more, dancing in their old teasing way as he dragged his hand over the black stubble on his cheeks.
Tuesday: “But she did not smell of apples or taste like honey and she had no beguiling freckles on her nose, so I drank the wine and thanked her, then turned myself out in the winter’s night.” (speaker: Robert Marcel)
Wednesday: “If I could only see enough, I told myself, and taste enough and touch enough, surely the dissatisfaction would eventually be sated and I might learn what it was to be quiet and content.” (speaker: Robert Marcel)
Thursday: Into their embrace flowed all her visions of their future, the roads they would travel together, the children they would raise, the joys and tears they would share, her hair silvering like Lady Helen’s while his greyed, their love burning as bright at the end as it did upon this day.
Friday: She stared at Strode, uncomprehending for a moment, until the implacable glint in his eyes thrust her to her knees.
Saturday: “I can bury him in prison or in the ground. It is all the same to me.” (speaker: the Earl of Strode)

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