Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sweet memory #10 from The Lady and the Minstrel

My hero, Rob, is locked in the dungeon and I’m not going to have time to write him out before Christmas. I'm granting him 10 sweet memories from earlier chapters of The Lady and the Minstrel while he waits for me to get back to his story.

Here's memory #10, from Chapter 41 (remember, I haven't revised and cut yet!)

Robert paused, then cupped her hand in both of his and raised it to press a kiss into her palm.

“I have never felt so still as I have these three days, sitting here with you. I understand now what I never comprehended on the manor, how my father bore the discontent I felt simmering in him when I was a boy. Being with her—my mother—quieted his soul. I shall ever be grateful to you, Mae, that for these too-brief days, you have quieted mine. And I shall love you always.”
I hope you’ve enjoyed Rob’s memories! Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to return to my work on the story. Watch for some new Summary Sunday sentences on Sunday!

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