Sunday, April 29, 2012

Summary Sunday

These are some new sentences from Emilie's story this week.

Monday:  "He earned his knighthood by killing three Saracens when they ambushed us near the River Meander, one of whom had me on my knees with his scimitar poised to strike off my head." 

Tuesday: Crespin recognized the animation that lit Sir Jaques face as he spoke.

Wednesday: Crespin had heard the tale so many times of the difficult trek from Constantinople to Antioch through the rain-whipped mountains, the winter floods, the seemingly endless attacks by the soulless infidel, that he barely listened, finding much more pleasure in his further perusal of Emilie.

Thursday: “Nay, child, my squire he was seven years ago, but never my son."

Friday:  "Or did you succeed in snagging some fat old moneybags more eager for your charms than for his dignity?”

Saturday: "Did the queen summon you as a reminiscent toy from her past?"    

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