Monday, April 23, 2012

Calling all Katies

I'm holding a bit of an unusual giveaway on my Medieval Research with Joyce blog. I'm giving away a copy of my medieval romance, Illuminations of the Heart, to a winner named Katie. You'll find the explanation of this giveaway over on that blog. But if your name is Katie, or if you're not picky about the spelling of your name (Katy, Kati, Kaity, Caty, Catie, Cati, or even Kaitlyn or Kathryn or anything similar) or if you know a Katie (mother, daughter, sister, relative, friend) who you think might enjoy a copy of my book, send them on over to my Calling All Katies post, or you may enter on their behalf! Please help me spread the word. Deadline is May 7, midnight PST.

1 comment:

shauna said...

Well, this Grandma has a Katie! She would LOVE your books - she is indeed a fair maiden.