Sunday, October 30, 2011

Summary Sunday

Summary Sunday is where I share one new sentence from each day of my writing week with you. It's a way to give you a flavor of what I'm currently working on, and a way to hold myself accountable for actually writing something during the week so I'll have some sentences to share with you! :-)

These sentences are from my never-ending draft of Acelet's story. (Acelet was a character in Illuminations of the Heart, in case you haven't read it.)

Monday: Though everything within Acelet recoiled from serving the harsh Duke Richard, he could not bring himself to part with the first rewards he had ever received for his music.

Tuesday: The familiarity he welcomed from Folcaut and Jaufres always irritated him from Bricot. 

Wednesday: Acelet bit his tongue on calling Bricot exactly what he was, an extravagant jongleur, a very large step down from the class of refined musicians Acelet sought to join.

Thursday: Acelet became aware of how the sun was inching across the sky while they stood arguing in the road.

Saturday: Acelet reflected longingly on the vision. 

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