Sunday, May 17, 2015

Summary Sunday

Courting Cassandry survived a small crisis this week. I inadvertently failed to save a lovingly-labored-over paragraph and had to rewrite it the next day, much less lovingly. Needless to say, I couldn't duplicate it exactly, but I remembered enough that I hope I managed to restore the essence of it. The good news is, I had just happened to share the final lines of that paragraph on Facebook that night, so I was able to copy and paste them back into the paragraph exactly as they stood the night before. Whew! Those rescued lines are Monday's sampling from Courting Cassandry below.

Here's my weekly mini-character list to help you keep everybody straight.

Gerolt: My 50-something hero
Cassandry: My 40-something heroine
Egelina: Cassandry's 14 year old daughter
Rauffe: Gerolt's 15 year old son
Samson: Gerolt's best friend
Marion: Samson's 22 year old daughter

Monday: Fool. She jerked the covers over her still closed eyes. This is Gerolt. He still sees you as a sister, as his little sparrow. Go back to sleep until you can wake up sane.

Tuesday: Cassandry tried to follow her, but the fragrance from the burning wreath wrapped all around her, holding her rooted by the hearth.

Wednesday: Egelina’s face quirked, as though offended at the suggestion that Rauffe might dislike her cakes.

Thursday: She prayed the prayer of a worldly coward. Let Samson say what he will of me. Let him make Gerolt think the worst. But please, kind Heaven, let him do it after I am gone and let me never, never know!

Friday: “She is very lovely,” Cassandry murmured from beside him. “Is that Marion?”
               Gerolt silently cursed that she had seen his gaze lingering on the young woman.

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