Sunday, May 3, 2015

Summary Sunday

Still working my way through revising my first 11 1/2 chapters of Courting Cassandry. This week I made it up to Chapter 4. Here's a sampling of "new sentences" added to my revisions. 

(And here's a very short character chart to refresh your memories)

Antony: Cassandry's late husband
Cassandry: my 40-something year old heroine
Gerolt: my 50-something year old hero
Sam/Sir Samson: Gerolt's best friend

Monday: Antony had not liked Cassandry riding out about the manor, and had never allowed it without at least two solemn gray-haired knights to escort her. It was a constant battle to remind herself that she might now ride where she pleased, when she pleased.

Tuesday: The sun shone in Cassandry’s eyes so that she could not make out the rider’s features until he was almost alongside her, drawing her vision away from the glaring midday light. By then it was too late to alter her direction, and far too late to attempt to flee back into the trees.

Wednesday: After the wedding, when Gerolt had had to satisfy himself with a farewell kiss to Cassandry’s cheek when everything in him had longed to crush her against his breast and smother her with his pent-up passion, he had confessed to Sam that his friend had been right all along.

Thursday: They had shared so much, their four-year courtship so intense. How could she have known him so little?

Friday: Cassandry, discussing a seashell necklace she once owned: “That one was white and gray.” Like storm clouds. Like Gerolt’s eyes the day he had placed it around her neck.

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