Sunday, April 27, 2014

Summary Sunday

Some writing days were better than others this week, but I managed to make some progress with Lucianna's story. Here's a sampling of sentences for the week.

Monday: The humiliation and grief Serafino had cast upon Lucianna that day would flare up from its long-buried depths if she thought Vincenzo remembered her as anything more than a vague, pitiful moment from his past.

Tuesday: He would not guess that she had deliberately chosen for her dining attire colors that would wash her complexion out and allow all the flaws of her forty-four year old face to shine through. 

Thursday: Lucianna kept her gaze strictly fixed on the tables below the dais where the rest of the household knights and men-at-arms dined, no matter how hungrily her eyes longed to drift to the face of the man who sighed rather dispiritedly beside her, starved for his features after his week’s-long absence from Vere Castle.

Friday: (Sir Balduin to Triston) “He confessed to me in that na├»ve way of his that the cadence of the horse’s paces sometimes drifts his mind into melody—aye, sir, absurd! But that is Acelet for you.”

Saturday: Siri had said she would not try to change Lucianna’s mind about Sir Balduin, but if a hodgepodge on his trencher gave Sir Balduin hope that Lucianna was having second thoughts and encouraged him to try to change her mind himself, Siri must think her conscience at quits.

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