Saturday, April 19, 2014

Summary Sunday on Saturday!

The Lady and the Minstrel is in the hands of its first round of beta readers, so while I'm waiting anxiously for my readers' reactions, I'm working on a new novelette, or possibly a novella. We'll see how it turns out in the end. I thought it would be fun to write a little follow-up on the romance between Lucianna and Sir Balduin that began in Illuminations of the Heart. I'm discovering that Lucianna has all kinds of secrets in her past that she's been hiding from me and everyone else until now!

Now that I've got a new project underway, I've decided to resume my Summary Sunday reports where I share with you one new sentence (or more) that I wrote during my writing sessions the previous week. Usually I share these sentences with you on Sunday, but since this Sunday is Easter, I decided to share them on Saturday this week instead. :-)

So here's a little taste of what I'm working on for Lucianna's Story. (I don't have a better name than that for it yet.)

Monday: It had never bothered Sir Balduin before that Acelet sometimes called him “old grumbler,” anymore than Acelet had ever objected to Sir Balduin calling him “young Acelet” when the youth was trying very hard to prove himself a man rather than a boy.

Tuesday: (Acelet to Sir Balduin) "He’s taught me the words for all sorts of shades for women’s eyes to incorporate in one’s poetry. I had no idea eyes came in so many variations, had you?”

Wednesday: Lucianna had imagined the angels who embroidered the holy altar cloths in the celestial city must all employ needles so divine for their sacred, joyous work.

Thursday: “You mean Siri knows that absurd story you and your dear Elisabetta concocted, you mean,” Serafino said with a sneer in his voice.

Friday: They had had years to create an elaborate, convincing, and tragic tale of Lucianna’s unknown parentage. Two young girls who had become inseparable during their time in the abbey, and desperate and determined to maintain their sisterhood when Elisabetta’s father finally called her home.

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