Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm a Sweetie!

Hey, look what I won at the Sweetest Romance Authors Chat tonight!

How did I win this award? By winning the scavenger hunt that follows each of the Sweetest Romance Chats on the 4th Thursday of each month. Have I mentioned how very cool these chats are? Tonight, our guest speaker was Rachel Starr Thomson, who shared with us her insights on how to become an editor, benefits of self-publishing vs traditional publishing, how to use Twitter effectively if you're an author, tips on marketing...oh, and so much more I can't remember it all now! Thankfully, Ms Thomson agreed to compile all the helpful links on these subjects (and more!) that she shared with us tonight and make them available to those who attended the chat. Now don't you wish you had been there, too?

If you're an author or aspiring writer in ANY genre, you are really missing out by not joining our 4th Thursday chats. You don't have to join the Sweetest Romance Authors Group or any other group to participate in and benefit from these chats. All you have to do is show up at the right time in the Sweetest Romance Authors chat room (honestly, one of the easiest chat rooms I have EVER used!), type in your name, and voila! you're in on the chat.

So run to your calendars right now and circle October 22, 8 PM EST/5 PM PST for our next Sweetest Romance Authors chat. Enjoy an educational experience, followed by the scavenger hunt, and maybe you can be October's Sweetie of the Month!


The Heartless Gamer Girl said...

Congratulations, Joyce! You deserve such a lovely award. :o)

Joyce DiPastena said...

Thanks, but it was more about being fast in the scavenger hunt than actually being "sweet". Which is ironic, because last month I was so slow I came in last. ;-)

Miss Mae said...

Congratulations, Joyce! It looks wonderful on your blog! :)

Rachel Starr Thomson said...

Thanks for the link, Joyce! I had a lot of fun chatting with all of you :). I sent the links to Rachel Rossano, so hopefully she'll get them out to the group.