Monday, September 2, 2013

What Am I Reading Now?

I finished reading Farewell, My Denmark, by Tina Peterson Scott, last week. If you'd like to know why I enjoyed it, you can read my review on Amazon.

Next on my list is another LDS fiction book I've been wanting to read for awhile: Soulfire, by Betsy Love. In full disclosure, Betsy and I have been in a critique group together where she was working on a sequel to her Book of Mormon novel, Soulfire. I recently had to leave the group to find more time to focus on my current writing goals, but I was enjoying her sequel so much that I decided it was finally time to pluck Soulfire off my "to read" shelf and read it.

Here's a synopsis from the back cover copy:

It is 148 bc, and the city of Nephi is ruled by the wicked King Noah and his corrupt priests. Zephenia's father has turned to his drink after the death of her mother, and her younger sister Sari dreams of living in the king's palace. When the family's hut is destroyed and the sisters are unjustly imprisoned, Zephenia wonders if God has forgotten her. If they survive their tribulations, whom will her father choose as her husband? The only unmarried believer she knows is Gideon, and he is smitten with Sari.

Zephenia's thoughts keep drifting to Alma, the handsome high priest she met while gathering herbs in the jungle. She senses a goodness about him, yet because he is a priest in Noah's court, she knows he couldn't possibly be a righteous man. But when the prophet Abinadi is martyred and Zephenia must decide between her faith and her family, she learns of a mighty change that has happened in Alma's heart.

Drop by on Tuesday and I'll share a Tuesday Teaser from Soulfire with you!

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