Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Book Lover's Holiday Hop: Apologies, explanation, and winner!

My apologies for being late to choose the winner of the Book Lover's Holiday Hop here at JDP NEWS. I moved into a brand new house a week and a half ago and woke up yesterday morning to find this in one of my bedrooms:

That's a pocket of water inside the wall, traveling...well, down my wall. There was a leak in the ceiling which my builder spent all day attending to. (And thus distracting me from choosing a Hop Winner!) By the end of the day, the wall in the bedroom looked like this:

And the ceiling in my bathroom looked like this, because there was a water pocket hiding in there, too!

In addition to these lovely holes in my brand new house, there are three very large fans running day and night drying out the wet spots before the builder comes back and patches up these looming gaps. 

All in all, I became a little forgetful about my blog responsibilities, but happily my brain got back on track tonight and I am now ready to announce the winner of the Book Lover's Giveaway Hop:

And the winner is...Jamie Wells! Jamie has won a copy of my e-novella, A Candlelight Courting: A Short Christmas Romance.

Thank you to everyone who entered and for being so patient while I worked through my latest house crisis!


Denise Z said...

As harrowing as these horrible leak problems are, thank goodness it looks like you found it fairly early. I wish you all the best in getting your pretty new home in shipshape and sending good thoughts your way :) Congratulations to Jamie!

Joyce DiPastena said...

Thank you, Denise! I can use some good thoughts about now. :-)

Donna McNeil Gonzales said...

Leaks are no fun. Water can travel along beams to spots far from the original leak. Hope this fixes everything.