Thursday, November 19, 2009

"An Epiphany Gift for Robin" (and other splendid Christmas short stories) is now available for order!

The new Christmas anthology, Stolen Christmas and Other Stories of the Season (one of those other stories being my own medieval Christmas story, "An Epiphany Gift for Robin") is now available for order. If you just can't wait for my contest, or if you'd like to order extra copies to share with your family and friends (and let's be honest, why wouldn't you?), this link will take you directly to the order page.

Here's a reminder of what you'll get when you order copies of Stolen Christmas and Other Stories of the Season:

Stolen Christmas and Other Stories of the Season

By Lds Publisher, Roger Bonner, Don Carey, Laura Craner, Joyce DiPastena, Sarah M. Eden, L. T. Elliot, Gussie Fick, Melanie Goldmund, M. Gray, Taegyn Hutchinson, Angie Lofthouse, Lori Nawyn, Tristi Pinkston, Brian C. Ricks, Sandra Sorenson, Janice Sperry, Christine Thackeray

What happens when you're so poor you have to steal your Christmas presents? Have you ever taken a punch in the face as your Christmas gift to the girl you love? Or saved Christmas while hunting were-weevils?

These award-winning Christmas stories are the best of the best from the LDS Publisher Christmas Story Contests. From Christmases past, to present, to future; from sweet and inspirational, to zany and delightful-there's a story for everyone in this eclectic collection.

Seventeen stories to celebrate the season, from Sarah M. Eden, Tristi Pinkston, Joyce DiPastena, Christine Thackeray, Don Carey, and more.

They'll make great Christmas gifts! But Christmas is coming up fast, so order your copies now!

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