Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas is (almost) here again!

Which means it's almost time to begin our annual scripture reading tradition. You remember it from last year, don't you? Beginning on December 1st, we read one chapter a day from the book of Luke, finishing the entire book on Christmas Eve. (24 chapters/24 days) And don't forget that part of our tradition is to buy one of those inexpensive advent calendars with a chocolate for each day from December 1-24. One chapter, one piece of chocolate while you read it, per day. What could be a more fun way to get in the Spirit of Christmas than that?

I have my chocolate advent calendar all ready to go. If you don't have yours, you have a few more days to track one down. (I got mine at Cost Plus World Market this year, but I've also seen them on Amazon.) Or, of course, you could simply come up with your own little scripture reading treat if you prefer.

If you'd like to read my post introducing this tradition last year, you can click here.

Feel free to leave a comment if you'd like to share your participation in this tradition this year. If you'd like to leave a thought, reflection or question about your reading at any time during the month of December, we can turn this post into a little discussion group, as well. I'll get an alert if you leave a comment, and promise I'll answer if you want to check back. :-)

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