Wednesday, November 2, 2011

7 Random Facts and 15 Lovely Blogs

The Lovely Gail Pallotta of Peering Through Life's Window has awarded JDP NEWS a Lovely Blog Award. Thank you so much, Gail!

Before I can fully accept this award, I have to share seven random facts about me. So here goes:

1. I don't like to cook, but I love to eat. Schawn's frozen foods is my friend. :-)
2. I don't enjoy reading fantasy, but I love fantasy movies or TV shows.
3. I'm a fan of The Five on the Fox News Channel.
4. I love chocolate chip cookies without nuts, but brownies with nuts.
5. I never learned how to swim.
6. I celebrate Norman Conquest Day every year. (Aw, you already knew that about me, right?)
7. I have a masters degree in library science from the University of Arizona. (I've never used it, though.)

Okay! Now I get to pass on this award to fifteen other lovely blogs! I hope you'll take the time to visit each of them, because they're truly lovely!

Totally Tina (Tina Scott)
Cotton Candy for the Soul (Jennifer Griffith)
Writer in the Pines (Marsha Ward)
A Storybook World (Deirdra Eden Coppel)
Up to Speed (Suzanne Barker)
Anna Jones Buttimore
Donna Hatch, Romance Author
Into the Mind of Jaimey Grant (Jaimey Grant)
Haunt's Haven (Joan Sowards)
Peggy Urry - Writer
A Succor for Writing (Kathleen Brebes)
Author Debra Brown
Claudia MH Culmone
Debbie's Inkspections (Debbie Davis)
A Writer's Ramblings (Karen Hoover)

To claim the award:

1. Thank the giver and link back to his or her site.
2. Provide seven random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award to fifteen other blogs, then let them know, and link to their sites.
4. Copy the award logo and paste it on your site.


claudiasrealm said...

Thanks Joyce for the award. Your's is just as lovely. Claudia

Debra Brown said...

Thank you so much, Joyce! I am honored to be chosen.

Marsha Ward said...

How sweet of you! Thank you, Joyce. I'm heading to bed, so I'll have to do the acceptance ritual tomorrow. :-)

Joan Sowards said...

Thank you for the honor, Joyce!