Monday, November 14, 2011

What Am I Reading Now?

Well, Here Lies Arthur wasn't quite what I was expecting. Loved the concept of the novel, but frankly, I hated the execution. Too violent for me, especially for a YA novel. I left a review on Goodreads if anyone is interested. Purely one reader's opinion, mind.

However, I am definitely ready to move on to something else. I won The Crown of Anavrea in a blog contest. The author and I sometimes exchange new writing sentences on Facebook. Judging from her samples, I expect this to be good! Here's the back cover blurb for the fantasy romance The Crown of Anavrea, by Rachel Rossano:

In a time when castles were the strongest…in a place where combat was face to face…there was a man on the run. Labren was not his true name and he admitted it freely. In a time when slavery was a place where kings were all-powerful…there was a slave in the right place at the right time. Eve, a slave from birth, was asked to trust this stranger who refused to give his true name. Eve saved a stranger’s life. In return, he offered her the opportunity of freedom. She did not know what would happen to her if she chose to accept his proposal, but she did know the consequences of rejecting it.

Stop by on Tuesday and I'll share with you a Tuesday Teaser from The Crown of Anavrea.

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