Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What Am I Writing Now?

Having taken a break from Acelet’s story to dabble with The Lady and the Minstrel (I swear, I am going to finish that story one day!), I’m ready to take a stab at Acelet's romance again. As many you will have already guessed if you’ve been following my Summary Sunday updates. J

So, when we left Acelet at the end of Illuminations of the Heart, he was recovering from a sword wound in his back, with a lovely, brown-haired lass sitting by his side, hanging on every word of his tale of Raoulin and Mylisant. Having spent the entire course of the book idolizing the Young King (eldest son of King Henry II of England), he suddenly finds himself in favor with the man he has loathed for the entire course of the book, Duke Richard of Aquitaine (second son of King Henry II), who is offering to help him achieve his long-held dream of becoming a knight. But is a knighthood still what he really wants?

As I attempt to write Acelet a romance of his own, these are the questions I face:

Is the beautiful Lisette the woman Siri referred to in Illuminations of the Heart when she promised Acelet: “One day when you feel your heart take flight at the smile of some winsome lass, you will realize how silly you have been” [to think himself in love with Siri]?

Will he accept Duke Richard’s training for knighthood? Or will he follow his cousin Triston’s advice to become a troubadour? And are the two mutually exclusive?

Will he ever meet his idol, the Young King, and if he does, will that young man live up to his expectations?

Is there more to the story of Raoulin and Mylisant that we knew in Illuminations of the Heart?

Will his chivalrous ideals survive whatever trials he endures in the course of this new book?

And who is this odd character, Bricot, who literally popped up out of thin air in Chapter 3? Where did he come from, what’s he doing in my book, and what exactly are his intentions now that he’s here?

I’d like to tell you that I know the answers to all these questions, but while I do know some, others are still revealing themselves to me.

I can tell you one thing. Acelet has a harp. Feel free to guess away at what that may or may not mean. J


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