Monday, March 2, 2015

The Lady and the Minstrel now has an epilogue!

At the request of multiple readers, I have written an EPILOGUE to The Lady and the Minstrel. The epilogue debuts today! If you purchased a copy before February 28, you may receive a FREE copy of the epilogue in your choice of mobi/Kindle, epub/B&N/iBooks, or PDF formats. Just email me at and I'll send you a copy directly. 

If you own a print version of The Lady and the Minstrel and would like a physical copy of the epilogue, I will print you out a copy on decorative paper that you can fold and insert into the back of your print copy. Again, email at if you would like me to mail you a print copy of the epilogue!

You won't want to miss this sweet ending to Rob and Marguerite's story!

(Both e- and print books will have the epilogue automatically included as of today.)

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