Sunday, March 8, 2015

Summary Sunday

It's been a very long time since I had a new WIP to share with you! I was busy polishing up and publishing The Lady and the Minstrel. But now that L&M has been happily launched, I'm diving into a new Hearts in Autumn romance, tentatively titled Courting Cassandry. My hero (Gerolt) and heroine (Cassandry) are both widowers and old enough in this story to each have a teenage child. Here is a sampling of new sentences I typed this week from Courting Cassandry:

Monday: Where Aveline’s voice had grated and hissed and snarled, Cassandry’s fell upon his ears like the music of a sweet, gentle rain.

Tuesday: As they moved away from Gerolt, he heard Egelina whisper something to her mother in a hiss far less meek than the murmured acknowledgments she had been responding to the knights’ compliments with.

Wednesday: And then it was time for the ring and the betrothal kiss. Cassandry heard a soft, “Ow!” and a muffled, “Sorry.” as Rauffe apparently shoved the ring too hard over Egelina’s knuckle.

Thursday: (15 year-old Egelina to her mother, Cassandry) “He would much rather I be a nun—well, of course God would! And I shall tell Lord Gerolt so, even if his height does frighten me a little.”

Friday: After years of dressing drably, it had felt so bold to don the crimson, and so very, very pleasant to have a man compliment instead of condemn her for it.

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