Sunday, May 25, 2014

Summary Sunday

My sister is visiting this week and next, plus I was sick one day (I know, excuses, excuses!), so my work on Lucianna's story has slowed down a bit, but I did get four days of minimized writing in to keep the story advancing. Here is a fresh sampling of where the story is going!

Monday: Sir Balduin reached for Lucianna’s nearest hand, the one she still had balled into a fist. She flung it behind her back in a panic.

Tuesday: (sick - blah)

Wednesday: “And see! He is a slob as well, I will forever be picking up after him.” In truth, the disorder of Sir Balduin’s chamber had somewhat dismayed Lucianna.

Thursday: “I believe I have some say in this matter, sir,” Sir Balduin said to Serafino with a fierceness that startled Lucianna.

Friday: (Lucianna): I will lose him either way. Better one swift, searing break than to watch the long, slow withering of his love.

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