Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summary Sunday

My sister's gone. I miss her big time, but on the bright side, I got some good writing in again on Lucianna's story. I see the end in sight! Here is a sampling of new sentences from this week.

Monday: There was too much spite in Serafino’s face to hope he might be driven from Vere Castle without exposing her.

Tuesday: “But my hopes are dashed and once and for all, I wash my hands of you.” Serafino struck his palms together twice in Lucianna’s direction, as though literally divesting them of something unclean.

Wednesday: “But you did not marry Vincenzo,” Siri said as Lucianna allowed herself to slip into the increasingly soothing rhythm of gathering and folding Sir Balduin’s scattered clothes. Siri gave a tiny gasp. “Or did you?”

Thursday: Lucianna gave a sharp shake of her head, but her stomach continued to feel like heaving, molten lead.

Friday: No, she could not live like this, grieving for a man she loved, knowing him still so near, feeling his revulsion for her stretching between their castles.

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