Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summary Sunday

Exciting news! I'm almost finished with my first draft of Lucianna's story! I'm hoping to finish it up this next week. Then I'm going to let it sit while I do another round of revisions on The Lady and the Minstrel. As close as I am to the end, I was hoping to be even further along with Lucianna's story before I posted some new sentences, but Friday turned out to be another very-bad-awful-sick-day that was a total blowout for writing. Hopefully there won't be another repeat of my very-bad-awful-sick-day again for a very long time (or even better, never!) and I really am hoping to finish the story this week!

Here is a sampling of what I did accomplish this week, before that very-bad-awful . . . well, you know what I mean. ;-)

Monday: Sir Balduin did not answer. Too many curses hovered on his tongue to be certain one of them might not slip out at any delay that Triston caused him.

Tuesday: Sir Balduin’s blood had begun a familiar pumping, reminding him of the days before his injury when he had ridden into battle at the sides of the masters of Vere.

Wednesday: He broke off, his voice shaking with emotion. For it had all become clear to Sir Balduin in his chamber when Lucianna had told her story, sealed on his heart when she had said, “Non piĆ¹. No more.

Thursday: Again and again Lucianna had kept her gaze on Siri because she had known herself safe in the young woman’s love. It nearly cleft Sir Balduin’s heart in two that she had not felt herself safe in his.

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