Sunday, May 18, 2014

Summary Sunday

I made better progress with Lucianna's story this week. A particularly fun episode to write was an exchange between my hero, Sir Balduin, and Triston's young son, Perrin. I've only included two snippets of that scene here, but I look forward to sharing it with you in full when the story is finished. :-)

Monday: (Seven year old Perrin to Sir Balduin): “One day Papa suggested that Siri was eating too many sweets and Siri burst into tears and said, ‘I am not fat, I am having a baby,’ and Papa said, ‘That is not what I meant—’, but I never found out what he did mean because he just started apologizing until Siri quit crying, and then she apologized too, and then they looked at each other all goggly eyed—you know, the way you and Lady Lucianna used to look at each other—and the next thing I knew they were kissing, so I left the room.”

Tuesday: (Seven year old Perrin to Sir Balduin again): “Father Michel said it is not refined for a baron’s son, but he won’t let me swear, either. I have to say something when I am vexed. So I say bah.”

Wednesday: Serafino appeared to be trying to charm Siri with one of his angelic smiles and some words that flowed from his lips in those same enchanting accents that Lucianna spoke in.

Thursday: The symbol had suddenly become dear to Sir Balduin again on the day he had asked Lucianna to be his wife. As he had let out his anxiously suspended breath at her blushing assent, the obscure future he had grown to envision for himself suddenly took on vibrant meaning at his anticipation of sharing his life with her.

Friday: (Serafino to Sir Balduin): My sister may be, shall we say, a little beyond the bloom of youth, but she is still a maiden whose virtue I consider myself honor bound to defend.”

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