Sunday, May 4, 2014

Summary Sunday

I'm making a little extra progress with Lucianna's story while I'm waiting for the final beta reads of The Lady and the Minstrel to come in. Lucianna's story will probably slow down again when I go back to revisions on L&M, but until then I've been giving her a little extra time.

Here are some new sentences from her story this week.

Monday: Lucianna parted her lips to deny that she had had anything to do with the dish, but Sir Balduin preempted her with a robust smacking sound that followed a morsel of chicken he had chewed and swallowed.

Tuesday: Poetry, like Italian, dismayed him, though, making him question his wits when he faltered, upsetting the confidence in his intelligence he realized he’d always taken for granted in plainspoken conversations.

Wednesday: “Foxy hair? Milky smile? You are not only drunk, you are an atrociously bad poet.”

Thursday: Sir Balduin did not see how he could redeem himself after this disaster, yet he could not prevent the return of a fresh flutter of hope at Serafino’s words.

Friday: It was Lucianna’s tigress nature Sir Balduin had come to love, once he had realized it stemmed not from dignity or pride or disdain as had first appeared, but from a fiery protectiveness for those she cherished with a dauntless passion.

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