Sunday, September 29, 2013

Summary Sunday

The war is finally nearing an end in France. Robert will be returning to England soon, but first, here are a few sentences from the winding up scenes of the war chapters in The Lady and the Minstrel.

Monday: Both times he had drawn up his mount long enough to catch and hold Robert’s gaze with a warning as cold and deadly as honed steel in his eyes.

Tuesday: “It won’t do any good,” Ralf muttered, when Robert told him to go see Gunthar’s physician. “All he did was bleed Roger and make him drink something so horrid Roger said it’d have been less wretched to die.”

Wednesday: “I searched half the camp after Lord Gunthar summoned you last night, and the other half this morning, but there is no knight here who matches the name, nor squire nor archer nor even foot soldier Except for you.”

Thursday: Robert could not read his eyes, but something in their cool regard slammed against his heat. Robert’s temper flared, then inexplicably tamped a notch.

Friday: Kit slid off the barrel. “I know exactly what to do. The only question—is when.”

Saturday: But tonight, as he remembered the sons he had lost, the answer came to him in a keen, bright flash.

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