Sunday, September 1, 2013

Summary Sunday

This week, The Lady and the Minstrel continued in England with my heroine, Marguerite. Earlier in the story we learned that her grandfather placed a clause in his will that discouraged men from seeking her hand in marriage after his death. This week I finally learned why he placed that clause in his will. (My characters don't always like to tell me their motivations ahead of time.) Thursday's sentence relates to this discovery. Marguerite's grandfather's chaplain, a man named Odo, is speaking to Marguerite, but that's all I can tell you for now. :-)

Monday: Lady Leah spat the pins she’d been holding between her lips into her hand, for Marguerite knew her mother could not pronounce her name in rebuke without spilling the pins.

Tuesday: This stifling ignorance of Robert would drive Marguerite mad!

Wednesday: Words of affection had fallen awkwardly from his tongue, as though he had only recently learned to speak them.

Thursday: “As he lay confessing through both our tears, begging for the pardon of Heaven, the thought came to me that I could make something good of his death.”

Friday: He added more firmly when Marguerite merely bade him boost her into the saddle, “The earl will not like it.”

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