Sunday, September 22, 2013

Summary Sunday

I'm afraid that "life" interfered this week, and I only got four days of writing in on The Lady and the Minstrel. Here is a sampling of what I accomplished.

Monday: “Well, that was an ugly scene. You’d think after nearly fifty years, I’d be accustomed to watching a Plantagenet swearing and blaspheming and frothing at the mouth while he destroyed the furniture with his bare hands and threatened to lop a man’s head from his shoulders.”

Tuesday: ’Twas not the first time Gunthar had tried to lure him into talking of Marguerite. As always, Robert dodged.

Wednesday: And Robert continued to wonder what Gunthar would do when his vassal finally pointed a condemning finger at Gunthar’s secretary and asked his liege lord to fulfill his own feudal obligations by sending his “property” back to Beck Manor.

Thursday: Richard gave Robert a playful jostle with his elbow before slurping his stew rather noisily.

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