Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summary Sunday

As I mentioned in my last post, I finished my first draft of Meg's story this week, and started a second story about a woman named of course, for now, I'm calling it Isabel's story. :-) Here are a few new lines from each for this week:

Monday: The reliquary hit the floor with a great clatter of metal and wood, tottered, and fell on its side, jarring the lid loose and tumbling out its contents. (Meg's story)

Tuesday: Like the sideboards set up for her father’s men and the meddlesome neighbors he had invited, the high table was still strewn with the remains of an extravagant Christmas feast, including the picked off head of a wild boar that must have come from Burthred’s hunting chase and the browning core of the apple which she knew had been stuck in the poor beast’s mouth. (Meg's story)

Wednesday: She wondered if this was the expression he had worn when he had defeated three knights at once. (Meg's story)

Thursday: “It frightened me, Isabel, to see you weep so.” (Isabel's story)

Friday: “I would not flitter so if you would give me something more amusing to do than embroider more shirts for Father.” (Isabel's story)

Saturday: It had appalled her, however, to discover Ronwen so insecure in the knight’s budding devotion as to feel the only way to secure him safely and permanently was to see Isabel married to another man. (Isabel's story)

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