Sunday, January 23, 2011

"The Lady and the Minstrel": Characters

So I've been sharing a character roster for my new/old WIP, The Lady and the Minstrel, over on Facebook over the last few days. For those of you who don't follow me on Facebook, I thought I'd post the roster here, as well. Keep in mind that these were dashed off a bit slapdash style, as one tends to dash stuff off on Facebook, but the gist of each character is nevertheless here. These are not all the characters in The Lady and the Minstrel, of course, just the most pivotal ones. (What? You missed the post about my new/old WIP? Click here to catch up!)

Lady Marguerite Valette -- Betrothed against her will to the most powerful man in the kingdom. Will she submit tamely to her father's dictates for her future?

Terrick Kenlem, Earl of Strode -- The most powerful man in the court of King John. Does he bear a heart of ice or a heart of gold?

Rob Marcel -- A dashing minstrel. Who is he really and what secrets lie in his past?

Lord John Heywood -- Marguerite's late grandfather. Why has the inheritance he left her frightened away all men for her hand until now? (Okay, so he's not actually alive in this story, but he has an important part to play!)

Lord Christopher "Kit" Beckford -- Vassal to the Earl of Gunthar. Why is he so determined to crush a lowly minstrel?

Hugh de Bury, Earl of Gunthar -- Disgraced former counselor to King John. Can he regain his position at court in time to prevent a royal disaster?

Helen de Bury, Countess of Gunthar -- She married for love when the world stood against her. Forty years later, can she help Marguerite Valette do the same?

(My thanks to Wikimedia Commons for the drawing above)

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