Saturday, March 20, 2010

AZ Renaissance Festival Book Signing 2010

Yes, I know, I've already shared pictures from this year's Arizona Renaissance Festival with you. But that was play. This was work! Well, okay, it was fun work, getting to meet so many nice people, and well, sell a few books while I was at it. Here are a few pics from my 2010 book signing at Lady Ann Chamberlin's Bookshop. (Thanks for inviting me, Ann!)

Lady Ann Chamberlin's Book Shop

Lady Ann Chamberlin

My table outside of Lady Ann's Bookshop

That looks like me! 
(No, not the woman on the book cover. Don't I wish!)

Me, my book, and my snood

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Kathi Oram Peterson said...

Joyce, I know Ann very well. She's told me about her store at the festival. I need to get down there sometime. Thanks for posting the pictures. I hope you had a great signing.