Friday, August 7, 2009

Contest #8

The winner of Contest #7, an autographed copy of Loyalty’s Web, is Virginia Campbell of Virginia! Congratulations Virginia!!!

The answer to contest question #7 is: with a violent shiver of delight.

Now, at last, we come to the final “grand prize” for the day. Was there ever really any doubt that after celebrating Illuminations of the Heart for the last eight hours, the final prize would be…an autographed copy of Illuminations of the Heart??? :-)

So, how can you win your very own FREE copy of my new sweet medieval romance? Click here and read the first chapter, then answer the question: What did Siri see in Triston’s eyes just before he kissed her? (Hmm, does there seem to be a lot of kissing going on in my stories? I think I've had three questions about that today. Well, these are romances, after all, but I promise if you read them, they really aren't all about kissing!!!)

Send the answer with your NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS to by 5:55 PM PST. Please type: Contest #8 in the subject line. I'll draw a winner and announce the name when I do our final Round Up at 6 PM!!!

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Anonymous said...

Okay, I guess this is my last chance! I know it's a great book anyway!