Friday, August 7, 2009

Contest #6

The winner of Contest #5, a beautiful hand mirror “representative” of Siri’s mirror in Illuminations of the Heart, is Jaimey Grant of Michigan! Congratulations Jaimey!!!

The answer to contest question #5, “who kissed who first” in my excerpt is: Siri!

Now then, there’s only three prizes left! Up next is this lovely mousepad with the cover art from Illuminations of the Heart. I do promise that those red dots won’t appear on the winner’s version of this prize. I wasn’t happy with the photograph version I took, so I borrowed this one from the computer website where I designed it, instead. (Oh yeah, and the mouse doesn’t come with the mousepad, either. Sorry!)

How can you win this mousepad? Just scroll down the left side of this page until you find where I'm keeping track of my new WIP and tell me what my writing motto is. Then send me the answer with your NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS to by 3:55 PM PST. Please type: Contest #6 in the subject line. I'll draw a winner and announce the name when I announce our 4 PM contest and prize! (Wow! Can you believe this party is almost over?)


Anonymous said...

Good and Truthful Motto!

Cindy Beck, author said...

Oh no, the party is almost over? Bummer.

By the way, really good writing motto. And so true!

Miss Mae said...

I just got here! Hope I'm not too late! *pant, pant*...been that kind of day! Ugh!

Joyce DiPastena said...

It's gone by fast, hasn't it, Cindy? :-)