Sunday, January 19, 2014

Summary Sunday

I was worried about some of the new plotting elements I added this week to help me bring about the ending of The Lady and the Minstrel, but they seem to be working. I can see the end in sight now, barring any unexpected roadblocks. Here are some new sentences from my writing sessions this week.

Monday: Simon traced her other hand while her mind raced with questions, then slid parchment and chalk back in his pouch and bowed to her.

Tuesday: She looked so soft and sweet and small except for her radiant gaze. Gunthar guessed it was that which had drawn Robert to her, this fiery pluck that her flowerlike features belied.

Wednesday: Robert shuddered, but reminded himself that it little mattered what they did with his head once he was dead.

Thursday: Robert did not try to evade the assault again, but flung himself full forward and slammed the “spirit” to the floor.

Friday: Everything had changed. The dungeon door stood open.

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