Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summary Sunday

For the last several weeks, my hero, Robert, has been with King John's armies in France, getting into all kinds of unintended trouble. On Wednesday this week, I flashed back to England to find out what my heroine, Marguerite, has been up to while her beloved is gone. You'll find samplings from both of their POVs below from The Lady and the Minstrel.

Monday: “I assure you, your head in a noose should not please me at all.”

Tuesday: He gripped Robert, not shrinkingly, as a noble repelled by a churl, but hard and bracing, the way William might have sought to fortify him, or he William. The world had indeed turned upside-down.

Wednesday: Marguerite sailed over the ice, the wind whipping her hair into tangles she knew she would spend half the night combing out again, but the ecstasy was worth it.

Thursday: “I did not tell you that because I wished to make merry.” Celebrate one’s birth day? How absurd the countess must think her.

Friday: To her surprise, the countess put her arms around her, embracing Marguerite as she had never been embraced by her mother, or even her grandfather.

Saturday: What if instead of seeking reassurance of Robert’s safety from her husband, the countess wrote to warn the earl that perhaps it would be best if the minstrel found some other noble household to serve—in Poitou!

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