Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summary Sunday

I missed one day this week because I spent the last night of my sister's visit with her instead of writing.
Then between Tuesday and Wednesday, I decided to rewrite the scene I'd been working on from an entirely different angle and POV. So Tuesday's sentence is no longer in The Lady and the Minstrel, although a friend said I should post my deleted scene on my website when I finish this book, so you never know, you may get to read it in context someday after all.

Monday: (Last night with my sister, spent the evening with her)

Tuesday: But something had provoked him six years after his father’s shame to risk his life in flight, for one man did not set hounds on another unless the hunter was prepared to hazard his pack savaging their prey.

Wednesday: Robert found it hard to hate a man who so clearly loved and respected his wife, even if nine times out of ten when Robert sang for the Earl and Countess of Gunthar, the earl behaved as if Robert wasn’t even there.

Thursday: His grey hair attested to his long life, the creases in his face that it had not been an easy one.

Friday: “I know what happened then,” Robert snapped. He had stood here babbling with Simon like a fool while Marguerite prepared to bring disaster down upon their heads.

Saturday: “I said something much worse in the end. I said that villeins should be free.”


Laura at Library of Clean Reads said...

Your sentences have made me curious about your current work in progress. Well done!

Joyce DiPastena said...

Thank you,Laura! It's been fun to write. (Though not always easy.)