Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summary Sunday

My hero, Robert, had to work his way through some difficult memories and emotions this week, which
it was equally difficult for the author to write. (That would be me. :-) ) Now that is behind us, we're about to make a major pivot in the story, if nothing unforeseen arises to interrupt my flow this week.

Here are a few new lines from The Lady and the Minstrel.

Monday: He began to reassure her about being the sole love of his life, but memory and honesty checked him.

Tuesday: “Lottie and Alan wished to marry, but they could not without Kit’s consent, for any children she bore to Alan would become Sir Stephen’s villeins and Kit would lose their future labor.”

Wednesday: “Now that he was lord he could have run me through with his sword for the offense and suffered no more than a token fine, at worst, and likely not even that, for who would blame him for putting down a dog that’d grown vicious?”

Thursday: He remembered the wild exhilaration that had flowed through him as the three of them had ran together through the woods, guided only by a silvery half-moon that dappled the forest floor through the canopy of branches.

Friday: That had been the darkest day of Robert’s life after his father’s death, and in some ways it had been worse, for he could not have saved his father, but if he had been more careful, more cautious—if he had thought before he acted—he might have saved Lottie.

Saturday: “Kit clamored to his feet, infuriated, and swung his fist at me, but I dodged and hit him again.”

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