Sunday, March 24, 2013

Summary Sunday

I only got five days in again this week because last week when I went to the Arizona Renaissance Festival, I forgot to take the discount ticket I had pre-bought, so I had to buy a full price ticket at the gate. Not wanting to let the discount ticket go to waste, I decided to go back to the RenFest today to get my money's worth out of it. (Even at a discount, it wasn't cheap!) So once again, I got home too late and tired to write on Saturday night. But here is a sampling of new sentences from the rest of my week. Huzzah!

Monday: His chin jutted slightly up, as though she had dealt him some blow.

Tuesday: Would he still look at her thus, with that simmering heat behind his steady gaze, when she told him?

Wednesday: She could not even read his eyes, now, he guarded his thoughts so closely.

Thursday: “He will keep you warm and safe from a world more harsh and bitter than you can comprehend.”

Friday: How could any man, even one with a heart of ice, fail to thaw at last before so merry a laugh as hers, such sparkling eyes, such grace and loveliness, her charms all the more powerful because her very essence was so pure.

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