Monday, March 25, 2013

Arizona Renaissance Festival 2013

Another wonderful year at the Arizona Renaissance Festival! This was their 25 year anniversary and I'm happy to say, I haven't missed a single year!

(Yes, I snapped this on the way out of the festival because the lighting wasn't good going in)

Here is a picture of the royal family, with the Princess on the left, the Queen in the middle, and the King on the right. Maybe next year I'll get some snapshots of those handsome young princes!

If you go hungry at the Arizona Renaissance Festival, you'll have only yourself to blame. Just look at all your choices!

After all of that, you'll need something to drink, of course. Keep your eye out for this booth whenever you get thirsty!

Sometimes you need a snack.

And don't forget about dessert!

(And I've barely scratched the surface of your options!)

The Arizona Renaissance Festival had a brand new feature this year called Pan's Oasis. In this next sequence of pictures, you'll see the satyr Pan cavorting in a fountain before the fountain comes to life! This is definitely going to become one of my favorite stops at the RenFest every year.

Until next year...huzzah!


Judy said...

Thanks for the preview! I'll be going this Saturday! I might not have stopped to see Pan's Oasis, but it's on the list now.

Joyce DiPastena said...

Pan's Oasis is even better in living motion. I hope you enjoy it, Judy. I'd love to know what you think after you see it!

Diana said...

That's so much fun! I went to a Renaissance fair almost ten years ago and I've wanted to go back ever since.

bashashhazbaz said...

holy cow! that freakin' rocks! i love the pan and statue sequence! i was totally not prepared for the statue to move!