Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summary Sunday

Still laboring away on the 1st draft of Emilie's story. Here are some new sentences from this week's writing sessions.

Monday: "She introduced me to him, as she did to many of her former acquaintances, and when I queried her about the curious embroidery he always wore on his sleeves, she told me that he had brought the affectation with him from Italy." 

Tuesday: (Out of town all day, too tired to write when I got home)

Wednesday: “I-I did not mean with me.” 

Thursday: "I do not know a more enchanting place on the earth than Queen Eleanor’s gardens.”

Friday: (Out of town all day, too tired to write when I got home)

Saturday: Perhaps he stood torn between revulsion of her and curiosity, wondering if her tainted blood would prove stronger than her Christian training.

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