Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summary Sunday

Still laboring away on the 1st draft of Emilie's story. Here are some new sentences from this week's writing sessions.

Monday: Instead, she traced her fingers slowly down his, allowing their fingertips to linger against each other’s, noting with a dismaying mixture of pleasure and alarm how he forced her to be the first to break their contact…and the reluctance with which she finally did so.

Tuesday: “Speak the word, my lady,” Crespin said, “only give me so much so much as a hint it would please you, and I shall thrash the scurrilous knave senseless.”

Wednesday: If to him, what hope that Sir Jaques should prove discrete enough not to betray Noel’s girlhood folly to her husband’s men?

Thursday: Her hand flew to her nose too late to retrieve the inelegant sound.

Friday: "She was his one love…or so I thought, until tonight."

Saturday: "Listen, and then I will tell you again of the beautiful gardens and the chivalrous young men and the beautiful, beautiful queen who was so kind to me.”

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