Sunday, May 6, 2012

Summary Sunday

These are some new sentences from Emilie's story this week.

Monday: Crespin thought that Emilie stared overlong into Sir Jaques eyes, and he into hers, as though each were seeking something from the other, before she answered.

Tuesday: Crespin saw hands begin to cup to mouths, neighbor leaning towards neighbor in whispers that, like Andreu’s words, deliberately penetrated the air.

Wednesday: Then her eyelids fluttered like the delicate wings of a butterfly and she fainted dead away into Crespin’s arms.

Thursday: Crespin turned his head in time to see Andreu, inelegantly snuffling through the blood that streamed from his nose, slink into the anonymity of the throng.

Friday: "Emilie!"

Saturday: Did she suspect this was all a ruse? 

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