Sunday, April 1, 2012

Summary Sunday

Here are some new sentences from Emilie's story. 

Monday: “It’s past time you settled down, lad,” Sir Jaques had chided him along the road to Poitiers. (Frankly, Monday was a horrible writing session, and this was the best of the batch. Not saying much, and I've already cut this sentence out!)

Tuesday: Sir Jaques had given them no encouragement to do more than that, though he had rather mischievously thrown Crespin repeatedly into the path of their wiles.

Wednesday: Even with the scandal that had driven her from court seven years ago, he would never have called the niece of Lady Noel de Cary a “little thief.”

Thursday: That Guilberta’s shrill giggle grated in his ears and Beatris’s dramatic sighs made him want to shake her, were faults in himself he could surely overcome?

Friday: (Went out of town, and due to a very long and unexpected detour getting home, I didn't get any writing in.)

Saturday: But to endure that jangling laughter only moments after basking in tones that flowed like smooth cream from the Lady Emilie’s tongue…

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