Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sweet Saturday Samples

Here's another little interlude between Siri and Triston in my sweet medieval romance, Illuminations of the Heart (rated PG). Hope you enjoy!

“Nay,” she whispered, “I did not mind the kisses. In fact, I—I would not object should you wish to kiss me again.” She blushed at her own brazenness, but still held her breath hopefully.

Her heartbeat raced when he lowered himself to the wall beside her. A slow smile curved across his mouth. “You are the most maddening wench I have ever met. Has the Lady Lucianna any idea how you keep throwing yourself at me?”

“She thinks you are lusting after me,” she confessed. “And I hope you do not think that I do this with every man? Because you are the first—and only man—I have ever asked to kiss me.”

She drew a shivery breath when his hands encircled her face. 

“Do not tempt me, sweet Siriol,” he murmured. “I will only hurt you again.”

“You did not hurt me,” she repeated, as she had in the yard. 

“Nay, not here.” His mouth brushed across hers in a feathery caress. “But here.” He pressed his palm against her softly throbbing heart.


“Lady Siriol—” his voice came low— “I cannot love you as you wish me to. And I will not rob you of your honor for the sake of lust. Yours or mine.”

She slid herself away from him along the wall. It was not lust that made her ache, but if that was all he felt for her, then he was right. It was not enough.

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Sherry Gloag said...

Powerful yet sweet sample. Nice offering.

Jennifer Lowery (Kamptner) said...

Aw, he is a true hero. Great sample!

Rachel Rossano said...

Sigh, yes, I definitely need to dig out my copy again. Thank you, Joyce.

Anonymous said...

I like Triston! I hope he finds that he loves that sweet girl after all. Very nice excerpt.

Here's mine:

Canda said...

Oh that is sweet. Definitely pulls you into the story.

Lindsay said...

Love how you captured the emotions

Marsha Ward said...

Ooo, that brazen woman! LOL!

Word ver=roust. Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Beaufitul and sweet.

Sandy Nachlinger said...

Very nice scene. You made me like and care about both of the characters. Well done.

Jessica K said...

I feel her sweet ache. Well done.